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COLORband PIX IP by Chauvet DJ - ideal for DJs and club installations or other entertainment events. Available to hire at Colour Sound Experiment.

Mechanical Specification
Width: 173mm (6.8”)

Length: 993mm (39")

Height: 100mm (3.9”)

Weight: 6.1kg (13.5 lbs)

COLORband Pix IP

Great for use as a powerful wash with the additional eye candy of pixel mapping effects, COLORband PiX IP is a must-have fixture for mobile DJs or club installers looking for high-impact visuals on a budget. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, this IP65-rated fixture means you no longer have to worry about rain or a spilled drink ruining your fixtures. Use multiple units together to easily generate video effects and animations. Individual control over 12 tri-color LEDs allows for custom looks at any event while impressive, built-in programs are accessible with or without DMX.

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