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Mechanical Specification

Height: 420 mm (16.5”)

Length: 500 mm (19.7")

Width: 130 mm (5.1”)

Weight: 19.5kg (43 lbs)

Acme Gemini

It's a Strobe and it's a Zoom Bar, all in one! Pan and Tilt grant a full movement that keeps an infinite loop for magic effects. Its design combines 5x60W Full-Color LEDs and 36x18W Cold White LEDs. The design for RGBW LEDs produces vivid, bright, and homogeneous colors, zooming from beams to the wash in an extremely smooth and delicate way. But it’s not alone, the opposite side punches with stroboscopic effects and the power reaching up to 41,000lm.


Acme Gemini is extraordinary for TV production, installations, concerts, or other large-scale events.

For further information please visit the Acme's website with more details about this fixture.

Prices available upon request

Please call us on 020 8965 9119 or email to receive an individually tailored quote

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