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Antari Z-350 generates dry haze, easy to carry, simple set up. Ideal for a small show or an art installation to enhance visual effects and lighting.

Mechanical Specification

Height: 391mm (15.3")

Length: 320mm (12.59")

Width: 153mm (6.02")

Weight: 8.82kg (19.44 lbs)

Note: Weight without fluids.

Antari Z-350 Fazer


The adoption of the air pump technology not only enables the Z-350 to generate dry haze but also provides its heater with a self-cleaning function. An extremely low fluid consumption rate grants a full tank (1.3 litres) of the Z-350 to produce more than 7 hours of non-stop hazing at maximum output.

• 4.5 min warming-up time

• Very light and easy to transport

• 2 DMX channels

• Low fluid consumption

Prices available upon request

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