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Mechanical Specification

Height: 803 mm (31.6")

Width: 410mm (23.9")

Depth: 608mm (16.1")

Weight: 46.5 kg (100.5 lbs)


Optical System, Effects and Control

Multifunctional light

1400W Osram discharge lamp

6500 K output color temperature

Very high CRI

180 mm Ø front lens

5°- 55° linear zoom

Focus tracking system

CMY System + Linear CTO

7-color wheel

Framing System operating on 4 focal planes

Framing System rotation on 90°

6 rotating gobos

Rotating Prism

Graphic animation wheel

16 blades fast Iris

Variable “soft edge” frost

Variable flood frost

Very precise 0-100% dimmer

Fast stop/strobe effect

Light can be run at 1400W or1200W

Art-Net / RDM

Clay Paky Scenius Unico

The Scenius Unico is the latest addition to the Scenius family, therefore its first highly appealing feature is the quality of its light (1400W Osram lamp, 6500K, very high CRI). It is a magnificent spot light for projecting effects, with six rotating gobos, a rotating prism a beautiful animation wheel, and it is equipped with the most sophisticated and most precise framing system on the market today. The Scenius Unico is also an excellent wash light, since it features a system with different diffusion filters, which may be inserted gradually. However the most amazing feature is that the Scenius Unico can also generate a powerful narrow beam of super concentrated light, with a minimum beam angle of only 5 degrees.


List Hire Price: £250

List prices are for a period of one week

All Trade customers are eligible for a discount, please call one of our Project Managers on 020 8965 9119 to receive an individually tailored quote




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