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Mechanical Specification

Height: 295mm (11.61")

Length: 455mm (17.91")

Width: 155mm (6.1")

Weight: 7.2kg (15.13 lbs)

Stormy dims.png

Clay Paky Stormy

Stormy CC innovates tradition since it uses the latest LED technology, but retains all the charm of a classic strobe.


The light source is a strip of powerful RGBW LEDs. The flash effect is actually enhanced since the Stormy CC is equipped with a parabolic reflector, like a classic strobe, and does not project the light directly forwards like other LED strobes do.


The frequency, duration and intensity of the pulse are fully digitally controlled, and these parameters are even independently adjustable, which is impossible with a xenon lamp strobe. Thanks to its highly sophisticated electronics, the light turns on and off instantly, creating the jerky movement illusion.


The time the light is on (the pulse duration) may be extended as required. Thanks to the use of LEDs, the light intensity remains absolutely constant, without flickering effect. With Stormy CC there is no more need for gels, which dramatically reduce the amount of light, or slow noisy unreliable scrollers.

Prices available upon request

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