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The DF-50 Diffusion Hazer is ranked as one of the most cost-effective foggers available in the entertainment industry. It creates just the right ambience in the venue, yet produces no odour! Perfect for live performances/live production.

Mechanical Specification

Height: 350mm (14")

Length: 380mm (15")

Width: 210mm (8")

Weight: 16kg (35 lbs)

Note: Weight without fluids.

DF-50 Diffusion Hazer

The DF-50 is another popular product in the industry and available to hire from our warehouse. DF-50 fog machine is not only economically a wise choice for your event but it's also self-contained - all you need is a power supply and a sufficient amount of fluid. The haze generated is odourless and brings a new dynamic to any lighting show.


• Very low fluid consumption

• Over 35 hours running time

• Over 3 hours fog hang time

• Odourless fog

All DF-50 in stock are non-DMX.

Prices available upon request

Please call us on 020 8965 9119 or email

to receive an individually tailored quote

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