Chroma Q 4lite scroller 

With 4 lite mounting fitted. 

4pin in and out 

6 available price as per a job lot 

EX-HIRE, Not INC. Flightcase


Chroma Q par 64 scroller 

4pin in and out 

11 available job lott 

EX-HIRE, Not INC. Flightcase


Encapsulite Job lott 

If you are interested please contact us directly to discuss this item job Lott. 

6ft Encapsulite 

Z stands in white 


Around 45 units 

EX-HIRE, Not INC. Flightcase


Vintage Wall Lights

Vintage wall lights for install.  

eddison fitting 

9 units available 

EX-HIRE, Not INC. Flightcase


par 36 pin spot bank 4 way 

The mighty 4-way pin spot bank, 16a in and out in white. 

just been rewired in dec 2019. 


10 units available 

EX-HIRE, Not INC. Flightcase