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iPix Satellite

Mechanical Specification

Dimensions (with yoke): 

206 x 100 x 159.7 (mm)

8.1 x 3.9 x 6.3 (inch)

Weight: 3.23Kg (7.12lbs)

iPix Satellite

I-pix Satellite unit is based on proven LED lighting techniques, but it incorporates substantial improvements due to the use of modern digital technology involving microprocessor base controls and PWM (pulse width modulation) switching. This gives the unit ultra-smooth dimmer response, an easy-to-read LCD user interface, easy address and set up functionality, plus the added benefit that users can utilise the onboard software to create their own internal chase sequences when used in stand-alone mode.


The good functional design ensures that the Satellite is a very competitive and versatile unit with features that make it easy to use and set-up. For ease of operation, compatibility and versatility the Satellite can be set into either 3 or 5 channel modes when it is to be controlled by an external DMX source, depending on the complexity, functionality and circumstances of the particular lighting situation, making the unit the ideal choice for most general wash lighting applications.

Prices available upon request

Please call us on 020 8965 9119 or email to receive an individually tailored quote

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