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Look Solutions Viper NT

Viper NT.jpg

Mechanical Specification

Height: 240mm (9.44")

Length: 470mm (18.50")

Width: 230mm (9.05")

Weight: 8.6kg (18.95 lbs)

Note: Weight without fluids.

 The Viper NT smoke machine unites the current digital technology with proven technique and power. Several features guarantee a simple operation – place and fog, reducing the amount of time needed to set up the machine.

• DMX and analog • Powerful smoke output

• Easy to use • 7 minutes heat-up time

For further information please visit the Look Solutions's website for details of the features and effects you can achieve with this profile.

Prices available upon request

Please call us on 020 8965 9119 or email

to receive an individually tailored quote

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