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Mechanical Specification

Length: 602 mm (23.1")

Width: 395 mm (15.6")

Height: 306 mm (12.1")

Height with hanging bracket: 393 mm (15.5")

Weight, dry: 17.7 kg (39.1 lbs.)

Weight, filled: 22.7 kg (50 lbs.)

Martin Jem ZR45

The JEM ZR45 is a high-end fog machine designed to deliver superior and uninterrupted performance in demanding professional applications. Via its enhanced and powerful 2,000 W heat exchanger, the JEM ZR45 produces an exceptional peak output ideal for major venues and stages in both install and rental markets.The rugged yet weight-optimized JEM ZR45 also features variable output control for more subtle effects and is fully up-to-date with integrated digital remote control, DMX and RDM. The entire JEM ZR range is compatible with a wide range of JEM Pro-Fog fluids. As machines designed and built to last, the JEM ZRs will continue to perform with great output and low consumption. 

For further information please visit the Martin's website for details of the features and effects you can achieve with this profile.

Prices available upon request

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