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Mechanical Specification

Height: 904 mm (35.6")

Length: 335 mm (13.1")

Width: 480 mm (18.89")

Weight: 49 kg (108.0 lbs)


Robe iForte LTX

Robe iForte LTX is an ultimate long throw, high output LED WashBeam and Spot - perfect for stadium-level performances both indoor and outdoor. 

The iForte LTX creates an imposing visual statement with its domineering, solid beam from the 245mm front lens.

With innovative optics to attain absolute WashBeam functionality, the fixtures contain three zoom modes. The standard Optical Range for the widest 3.5° - 52°coverage; Follow Spot Mode 2°-52°; Long Throw Follow Spot Mode, using xR7™ technology, with an ultra-tight 0.7 – 2° beam to deliver crisp, incisive beams, without any intensity loss due to the engaged iris over long distances.

Colour generation is via a CMY colour mixing system. With two colour wheels and a variable CTO of 3.000 – 6.700K, you have all the tools to cover everything from the densest saturates to the most refined pastel shades.

To maintain consistently high lumen output, even with the rigours of outdoor performance, water, dirt, dust, haze, and smoke are repelled from the front lens with our unique parCoat™ hydrophobic, oleophobic-resistant coating. Furthermore, it allows easy removal of deposits without scratching or damage.

For further information please visit the Robe's website for details of the features and effects you can achieve with this profile.

Prices available upon request

Please call us on 020 8965 9119 or email to receive an individually tailored quote

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