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RoboSpot™ MotionCamera
Robe RoboSpot™ BaseStation

Robe RoboSpot LT BaseStation and Motion Camera

Specially created for situations where the followspot operator cannot be placed behind the fixture, the RoboSpot BaseStation allows remote control of any individual Robin BMFL fixture.

The RoboSpot MotionCamera is a revolutionary moving head fixture featuring an integrated HD camera remotely controlled via DMX to pan, tilt, zoom and autofocus.

The base station features a 15.6 inch HD screen for the operator to observe the performance from a “first person” viewpoint using the dedicated pan/tilt enabled RoboSpot MotionCamera or from the RoboSpot fixture mounted camera.


Full control of the BMFL fixture is given to the operator using the handles and two programmable faders such as dimmer and iris for extra effects. The operator’s movements are instantly transferred to the luminaire via DMX with no lag, for perfect motion tracking across the stage.


Extra controls are achieved via the touch screen display and four programmable jog-wheels with 10 additional button settings for a truly customisable experience. The remote desk can still control the internal features of the unit such as light intensity and colours.

Featuring a full HD camera with high light sensitivity capabilities down to 0.3 Lux illumination levels, the fixture provides a “first person view” for the followspot operator to track the performer across the stage. Video signals are instantly transferred to the RoboSpot BaseStation via a high-speed Ethernet cat5 cable.

Prices available upon request

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