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Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II

Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II touring unit with its small and simple design is perfect for any live performance, theatre, art installation, game hall to create powerful visual effects.

Mechanical Specification

Height: 265mm (10.4")

Length: 500mm (19.7")

Width: 270mm (10.6")

Weight: 14kg (30.9 lbs)

Note: Weight without fluids.


The Tour Hazer II fog and haze generator has been developed with worldwide tours in mind - compact design for easy transportation and flexible for quick set-up in any venue. The unit can be controlled by two DMX channels to operate the internal fan and the Haze output separately which helps to widely distribute the fog to all corners of the venue. The small frame also lends itself to events outside of touring - making it ideal for a theatre performance, an art installation or an immersive gaming experience.

• 60 seconds heating-up time

• Extremely quiet operation

• Water-based fluid leaves no residue

• Self-cleaning mode

Prices available upon request

Please call us on 020 8965 9119 or email

to receive an individually tailored quote

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