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Anytime Free Training

Details of training courses being run at specific times can be found on the training calendar page, including new courses from Astera, Chamsys, Avolites, Hippotizer and WYSIWYG among others. The courses below can be accessed at any time.
ADJ Lighting: recorded sessions of Stay Connected video broadcasts on their products and lighting projects
Astera Academy: learn about Astera software and hardware, including thorough tutorials on using AsteraApp
Avolites: Find all of their online training videos here at the Avolites Academy
BlackTrax: Introduction to real-live tracking for automated lighting and creating custom media & projection mapping
BlackTrax: free 15-minute one-on-one training with a CAST Product Specialist to answer any questions about BlackTrax (subject to availability)
Chamsys: Video tutorials on MagicQ and QuickQ, as well as daily live online sessions
Chauvet: recordings of Thursday Tech Talk series on lighting
Chauvet: Youtube channel providing video insights on different aspects of lighting
Elation Professional: Learning Centre for broadcast lighting, festival lighting and outdoor events
ETC On Headset: The Billington Files
Practice your programming skills in real-time as you listen to award-winning Lighting Designer Ken Billington direct his lighting team for the production of New York City Center Encores’ Me and My Girl
GLP German Light Products: 10 out of 10 series interviews with lighting designers
Harman Professional Training: all recorded session of Live Workshops featuring lighting and audio experts
Madrix Lighting Control: recorded sessions for Madrix' lighting control solutions
MA University: Find all of their online courses free here
Obsidian Control Systems: Get a full overview of the NX2, NX4, ONYX, ONYX 101
Obsidian Control Systems: a 3-hour tutorial get you started with Onyx lighting control platform
WYSIWYG Tutorials by James Simpson:

BlackTrax: Introduction to real-live tracking for automated lighting and creating custom media & projection mapping
Brompton: Brompton youtube channel, designed as a quick start with some tips and tricks for using the Tessera processing system
disguise: On-Demand free training on different aspects of delivering live visual experiences, ranging from Film and TV to Virtual Events
Notch: Create amazing motion Graphics and Interactive VFX in Real-Time (brought to you by them in partnership with Avolites)

Area 4 Industries: Area 4 have released their catalogue of rigging and trussing videos
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