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Large CO2 powered confetti blaster with a massive output designed for big concerts, stadiums and festivals. No operator needed!

Mechanical Specification

Height: 1100mm (43.3")

Length: 800mm (31.5")

Width: 600mm (23.6")

Weight: 84.3kg (185.8 lbs)

Magic FX Stadium Blaster

The MAGICFX® STADIUMBLASTER is a special effects machine that launches confetti into the air up to a height of 12 metres. The MAGICFX® STADIUMBLASTER is equipped with a CO2 powered woofer. CO2 is blown into the woofer through small holes. This creates a Venturi effect that draws the confetti continuously from the hopper, out of the woofer and into the air. The effect is accompanied by a strong hissing sound. If liquid CO2 is applied, a white plume of smoke will be visible. Easy and quick installation.


The MAGICFX® STADIUMBLASTER is outfitted for operation:

• by hand with the manual CO2 valve

• with a 24 V controller

• with DMX and optionally RDM


With DMX you can operate multiple machines in a sequence.

(CO2 gas available to hire separately, POA)

List Hire Price: £300

List prices are for a period of one week

All Trade customers are eligible for a discount, please call one of our Project Managers on 020 8965 9119 to receive an individually tailored quote

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