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Mechanical Specification

Height: 836 mm (32.91")

Length: 303mm (11.93")

Width: 465 mm (18.3")

Weight: 45 kg (102.5 lbs)

Chauvet Maverick Storm 4

Maverick Storm 4 Profile brings indomitable long throw performance to even the largest venues. Its ambitious design launches over 60,000 lumens across incredible distances with commanding brightness. Built to outshine, this Maverick brings more to your show than its long throw.


Master the art of domination with a sophisticated variable CMY+CTO system that delivers fantastic color rendering. Double down on crisp gobos to create complex looks with two rotating gobo wheels, two prisms, two frost filters, and an animation wheel to add even more texture.


Sharp shutter framing, smooth iris and 8.5:1 zoom complete a Maverick that delivers key light and high energy kinetic effects, in an advanced IP65 alloy body that carries SunShield tech inside to protect optical components from any solar ingress through its audacious 188mm front lens.

For further information please visit the Chauvet's website for details of the features and effects you can achieve with this profile.

Prices available upon request

Please call us on 020 8965 9119 or email to receive an individually tailored quote

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